黑面將軍Black Face General – Pecah Peiling

治療婦女腫瘤 x 抗癌 x Eliminate womens' tumor, Anti-cancer

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Do you have menstrual problem?
Menstrual pain during your menstrual period?
Ovarian cyst or tumour detected in your body check up?

In Malaysia, uterine cancer and breast cancer are number one killer cancer for women. Don’t freak out, Malay native culture use Black Face General very often. Black Face General is a type of herb which is the greatest enemy of these gynaecological disorders.

Professor Li Liming, Dean of the Kuala Lumpur School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, once explained that “Black Face General is very useful in the treatment of gynaecological disorder, including uterine tumor, ovarian tumor, and also breast tumor.”

“In addition, Black Face General is very effective in urinary tract infections, urination difficulties, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, and skin-hot symptoms. In addition, they also have the function of lowering blood pressure.”

Professor Li Liming also stated that the Black Face General also has significant role in regulating the liver. Therefore, friends who drink alcohol and always burn night oil can also eat black-faced generals to enhance their physical well-being.






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